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How fishermen became cheese specialists

After the Zuiderzee was closed off in 1932 the brothers Klaas, Gerrit, and Lambert Westland, who had always been fishermen, had to find another source of income. They each decided to start peddling cheese independently in the Catholic south of the Netherlands.
In 1936 the brothers joined forces and founded a partnership: Westland Bros.
The new business was constantly improving and in 1950 Westland Kaas started looking for new markets abroad. They were quite successful. Profits rose and the Westland Kaas building in Huizen grew along with it.

Thorough market knowledge and commercial feeling

Westland Kaas has always distinguished itself by developing and executing innovative ideas. Excellent market knowledge and a strong commercial feeling ensured the development of brand products starting in the late seventies. In the eighties Westland Kaas started to focus more on product development. The array of Dutch cheese products had consisted of two cheeses for years, Gouda and Edam. Competition in these cheese types was strong and margins were low. Westland Kaas developed a number of new products, such as cheese with less salt and the first old cheese that could be sliced. Westlite was the first 30+ cheese on the market and Maaslander resulted in the cheese schnitzel. Westland was also the first cheese producer to introduce innovative resealable packaging on the market. Because of these innovations, Dutch cheese is always receiving a new impulse.

Meanwhile, Westland Kaas has become the largest private cheese business in the Netherlands. The company is specialized in the sale of cheese specialties. Known Westland Kaas cheese specialties in the Netherlands are the brands Maaslander, Maaslander 30+ and Old Amsterdam.