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The Westland family

Westland, a family business for over 75 years

Since its foundation in 1936 up until today the family has been owning 100% of the company. The second generation showed six owners growing to a group of 28 shareholders in the third generation. The fourth generation comprises 32 family members. The latest fifth generation offspring has just been born.

The company currently employs seven family members. They hold various positions. February 1, 2012, Westland announced its first female CEO – Henny Westland – a third generation member.

Captivating and Binding

With the motto “Captivating and Binding” Westland has a governance structure which guarantees that the company is managed in a professional way and that the family is well-informed about what goes on in the company.
Clear formal agreements between the board of directors, board of commissioners, and shareholders about competencies and authority, as well as a well-organized communication system guarantee clarity and transparency. This has proven to be a solid basis for constructive collaboration.