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Westland’s quality

Quality and innovation

To guarantee the quality of our cheese, the cheese is monitored from preparation to packaging and tested for strict quality standards.

In the cheese factories the cheese makers supervise the production process, while the laboratory tests flavor, consistency, and other quality aspects. During the ripening process a panel of cheese experts tests the flavor of the cheese regularly. As soon as the flavor is right, the cheese is packaged. In this way only cheeses that meet our strict quality standards are offered to consumers. Also the packaging process is done very carefully. With each packaging production we register which batch of cheeses is being processed. The packaging is checked for leaks and correct labeling. Westland constantly strives for product and process optimization. For product optimization we also take into account reactions from consumers and trade partners to our products. We like to hear what you think of our cheese. We can use these comments to make even better products. We also follow technical and technological developments closely. If there are developments that are important to our company, we will use these to improve our cheese quality, our packaging, or even to develop new products.